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Cass Park Cross Classic, 2002

This was the third year for this event, and the streak of pretty weather ran out. Where in past years it was simply cold but with spectacular sunshine, this time it was cold, gray, and very wet. The previous day's snow had melted, but the usual crowd of racers was reduced to a couple dozen stalwarts.

IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0263.JPG IMG_0264.JPG
IMG_0270.JPG IMG_0274.JPG IMG_0276.JPG IMG_0278.JPG
IMG_0281.JPG IMG_0283.JPG IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0290.JPG
IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0295.JPG IMG_0296.JPG
IMG_0301.JPG IMG_0303.JPG IMG_0305.JPG IMG_0309.JPG

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Updated 09/27/03